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About Me

S.I.L. Van O.

Artist Silvano Braga
Born in Berne Switzerland.
Grew Up in the United States Of American, West Germany, France.
· Trained Chef
· Trained in fine Arts
· Liquid Artist
· YouTube Tutorials
· First Tattoo Studio in Berne 1996
· Founder and Owner of Silvano Braga Tattoo GmbH
a little portrait
My Story

Everything Started in 1996

Most stories start off with “All my life I wanted to be an artist etc…
Well, this one doesn’t, because I never would have dreamed to become an artist myself. It was a complete coincidence.
Here I am, opend the first offical Tattoo Parlour in Berne Switzerland. There were many other underground Tattoo Studios. But my shop was offical and I was the atypical Tattoo Artist, at least for my physical appearance.
The secret of my success was the fact that there were a lot of people who wished to have gotten a tattoo but were intimitaded by the storybook tattoo artist.
I’ll be real honest with you…I had many backup plans for whenever this tattoo thing would go south. As a trained chef, I could always go back to the kitchen. Or give cooking lessions to stay-at-home dads. Sell tattoo flash-sets etc.
But I never had a plan in the case that I would succeed.
Because you must know that whenever you try out something new in your life.
You risk the fact that it will be successful
A Little Portrait
My Abstract  Story

Things turned in 2018

As an curious artist my creativity is restless. After over 25 years of skin decorating, my life needed something on the side. A company event manager hired me to hold a acylic pourig workshop for their anniversary. At first I rejected the booking but on a second thought I assumed it could be a great opportunity to show what I got. And since teaching is my absolut favorite occupation I took the gig. Since then I haven’t put away my canvases.
Then the pandemic hit us and forced us to stay inside and I was no longer allowed to tattoo customers. What a great opportunity to go and clean up my basement and turn it in to a permanent workspace for acrylic painting and -pouring.
Hoping to hold more workshops, either private 1 on 1 or for company events.
Ask for bookings
A Little More Portrait