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18 March, 2022

Prussian Blue Vol. 002

Nine Canvas Enneaptych

It started as a cool idea and then expanded to a obsession 😬. Here is the second one… As mentioned in my last video, I decided to pour a canvas every day during an entire month. The choice was to pour a 20cm x 20cm 4.5cm canvas. And so here we go the second canvas is on it’s way. Follow me to my underground workshop and create the Prussian Blue series.

My thanks go to the wonderful wife for putting up with the madness of her artist husband. Most spouses have no clue what it means to be married to an artist. Most people misinterpret artistic craft as a pastime occupation. Only very few can see the urge of an artist to have to release the image inside their head. 😍.

Just to be on the same page right from the beginning. I don’t have a fancy studio with a professional camera team and high end audio recording devices, no special effects team and certainly no make up artist. As an artist I have a very low focus on my personal appearance. No shirtless pouring, no bikini fashion show. Just simple and pure art from a simple and pure artist. These video recordings are mostly done with a portable phone under the existing circumstances as found in most basements 🤭. I demonstrate that creating artwork is more important to me than leading viewers to a jealous state of mind over an existing or fictional environment. Leading to frustration and eventually to a stop of creation.

Heading Downstairs To Create

Welcome to my downstairs workshop.
Here I will show you how I create my artwork from beginning to end.
If you like what you are seeing, please leave me a comment .

Name Colors Used Canvas Size
Prussian Blue Titanium White | Turquoise Green
Sky Blue Light| Prussian Blue | Silver
20cm x 20cm x 4.5cm

“Painting can be like playing music. You can play different melodies with different brushes on different mediums.”

unknown author

Thank you so much for spending time on my art channel and watching my videos.
I hope you had fun watching and wish you a wonderful and creative day.